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The Fair Kitchen Picks: Kitchen Countertops

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Not exaggerating but are you endlessly looking for kitchen countertops from sources on the internet or magazines? The Fair Kitchen is here for you. Take this article The Fair Kitchen Picks: Kitchen Countertops and get countertops ideas for your loved kitchen.

As the days pass by, ideas amazingly build up the fastest. The advantage of this is that people can choose from these wide and unique ideas. Let us take it first with your kitchen. Yes, I’m talking about your kitchen. Let us make a great conversation about it here at The Fair Kitchen.

Now, how about your kitchen countertops. Are you already satisfied with what you are seeing in your kitchen? Or you want a little touch of uniqueness in your kitchen? Take this The Fair Kitchen Picks: Kitchen Countertops, a TFK personal picks for your kitchen countertops.

1. The Cut

First on, called “The Cut”. This ever-clever design has units that can be maneuvered into different setups, with a slide-away table that can be concealed in the center of the central block.

2. Movable Countertop

This may just look like a boring metal box but wait, open it and be amazed. It conceals a countertop and is sure a need for those who are always undecided in where to cook.

3. Raw

You might want to create a different taste to your kitchen, and this is what you are looking for. A raw wood as a countertop for your loved kitchen.

4. Sliding Countertop

You want to hide your stainless steel food prep and cooking zones? This olive wood-surfaced countertop is perfect for you, and get yourself surprised when you open it revealing your stainless steel food prep and cooking zones you wanted to be hidden.

5. Penny-filled Countertop

Do you have a lot of pennies saved on your own piggybanks? How about planking them side by side like this countertop design? I guess you’d become more inspired to work on your kitchen dishes just by seeing these.

6. Small and Extendable Countertop

Your kitchen is small? Not a problem when you have this kind of countertop. It is small but the central block can be pulled, and there you have an extension.

7. Minimalist’s Countertop

If you really want to conserve much space for other things but still don’t want to lose the kitchen essence, this countertop design is for you.

8. Formal Countertop

Look at the curve, I know you like it. A must countertop design for formal kitchens.

Sure is a shortlist for all the kitchen countertops design ideas we have in present, but these are The Fair Kitchen picks. Want more The fair Kitchen Ideas? Keep posted!

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