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We don’t always like everything that we have. Some of them should have been beneficial to us but it’s just that, we didn’t let them be a part of our lives. Undeniably, there are people who don’t really like some of the vegetables. They avoid them. Didn’t dare to try them. But what they’re missing are the health benefits that these vegetables really provide us.

That’s why there are essential kitchen items that have been invented to help us in making vegetables be a portion of our meals. So, if you want to start a healthier living, owning these essential kitchen items will be a great solution.

Steamer Basket

Have your vegetables steamed with this steamer basket? Make sure that your having steamed vegetables prepared properly.


To prepare fine slices for your vegetables, you’ll need a good knife. This Zyliss Chef’s Knife does the work for you.

Cutting Board

Your knife will always need a cutting board. This OXO Good Grips Cutting Board is a great choice.

Mason Jars

It’s always convenient to have your vegetables stored in containers in which mason jars really are of great use. From your vegetable salads to pickles. Amazingly, there are more uses you can make with your mason jars. Check it here.

Non-stick Frying Pan

To cut calories and added fats, you may be needing a Non-stick Frying Pan such as this T-Fal Professional Non-stick Frying Pan. This way, you can start your way of a healthy kitchen.


A spatula will always be needed for your frying pan. And this OXO Good Grips Spatula is a wise choice.

Sprouting Jar

It’s always a nice tip to grow your own greens with sprouting jars. Choose fresh.

Mortar and Pestle

Create your own sauces with mashing things together with mortar and pestle. You can also make your own matcha tea with this. Who says with just mashing, you can get healthier.

Stock Pot

Make your healthy soups with your own stock pots. You can even use them to soak and cook your beans. Consider this T-fal Non-stick Stock Pot.


Make smoothies with foods you haven’t tried a taste with. You can also make your own homemade sauces. Just when you have decided to start a healthy living, you can always lean on with blenders. Choose this Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.

Tea Pitcher

Haven’t tried teas? You should start making them your favorite beverage because of the countless benefits they can give you. But its bitterness might have kept you from holding back. But know that they are less bitter when cold-brewed, then have this tea pitcher.


How do you find it making your own chips? Vegetable chips such as your kale. Use dehydrator such as this Nesco Food Dehydrator! They save you a lot of money and what’s important is that this makes snacking healthy, cheap, and easy.

Wooden Spoon

Your wooden spoons can be your favorite pal in mixing beverages, cooking sauces, and soups. What’s nice with this Roundsquare Wooden Spoon is that it’s not hard to clean.

Fresh Herbs

When you like everything that you cook taste and smell better? Put fresh herbs always. They can make your whole kitchen smell good too. That smells a healthy living!

Having a hard time to get things started? I know. With things you are not used to, it’s inevitably hard. Just a piece of advice, make things occur one at a time. Start with eating your favorite healthy foods, and add those you haven’t tried once by little amounts until you could tolerate having them in your eating habits. With the help of the essential kitchen items mentioned above, you’re on the right track. Get a healthier living with the mentioned 14 essential kitchen items!

An avid fan of the ever-cute villains from The Despicable Me 1 & 2 and to the upcoming prequel Minions movie? Hands up!

To be released on July 10, 2015, the film Minions which is a prequel of The Despicable Me 1 & 2 is one of the most anticipated animated movies of this year. For the avid fans of these yellow well-costumed cute creatures called minions, collectible items are their happiness. Fans maybe kids or persons who are kids at heart, minions never fail to melt everyone’s hearts with their innate and natural cuteness. Getting excited about the upcoming Minions film? July is near, how about getting these Minions inspired items while waiting?

Minions Drinkware


Your favorite cup with the cuteness of The Despicable Me popular character–minions. An enjoyable way to have your favorite beverages.

Water Bottle 

With a star-fish sticking on minion’s goggles, that’s simply funny! Don’t look at it while drinking, I’m telling you.

Coffee Tumbler

I don’t care if they’ll think I’m childish, I am going to have this coffee tumbler.

Coffee Tumblers 

Take this two tumblers and give the other to your best buddy. That’s sweet!

Liquid Tumbler 

The silly look from that minion is mood-brightening. Brightens your drinking moments also.

Canning Jar with Straw 

A simple jar with your favorite minions. Well, that’s special now.


Too cute for a kettle.


I’d love having coffee with you using these minions mugs. I just felt like it is.

Minions Tableware

Cereal Bowl 

Who’d not want to see minions first at breakfast? A good start before going to school!

Standard Kit 

For Minions-themed birthday parties, a perfect choice. Let your kids and his/her friends be happy while using these.

Minions Accessories

Bottle Opener 

Open up your bottles with this adorable minions accessory. A bottle opener with the smile of your favorite minion.


Light up your kitchen with these minions-shaped light covers.

Lunch Box 

Make your child’s lunch special by putting his/her food inside this minions-inspired lunch box.

Table Cover 

Take a month where you can put this as a cover to your kitchen table. Your kids would love to be with you in the kitchen always.

Green Baking Molder

Bake goods with the shape of your favorite minions. A way to enjoy baking in the kitchen with your kids.

Pink Baking Molder

Bigger molds for your favorite baked goods in the shape of minions. Live up your baking in the kitchen.

Aren’t these kitchen items adorable to put in one’s kitchen? From drinkware, tablewares to accessories, touches of these cute Minions is really a plus. The double purpose it is- uses these to satisfy your kitchen needs as well as making our kitchen bright and alive. I know, these Minions inspired kitchen items made you feel more excited with the film Minions. I just can say that. I can’t wait to utter the words “Banana!” also. The Fair Kitchen shares the same feeling about these adorable villains. Now, have these Minions kitchen items and add them to your loved collection. How about putting them up on display in your kitchen? Great idea, right? Have a happier kitchen! Yebey! (Yebey is Hooray in Minion language)

Been a Mickey and Minnie fan ever since? Grab these!

It’s overwhelming when you have something that resembles your favorite friend, your favorite pet, your favorite family member, or anything that will make you remember that person or thing. Great that even kitchen items satisfy this concern. Take this as one of those kitchen ideas you’ve read from the internet, magazines, or newspapers. It’s more interesting because your favorite Mickey and Minnie are merged into kitchen items. Take a look at this list of kitchen items that’ll make your kitchen tagged as a “Disney Kitchen”.

Mickey and Minnie Mug Set

This red and white Mickey and Minnie mug set is perfect for couples. This can also be used for display in your kitchen.

Mickey Coffee Mug and Warmer

Mickey-inspired coffee mug with warmer. Hassle-free from using heater.

Mickey Ceramic Mug with Spoon

This creative mickey ceramic coffee mug can be your every morning buddy or for display in your kitchen.

Mickey Tea Pot

How do like that tea pot with Mickey’s obvious pants? Like!

Mickey Ice Cream Maker

Convenient ice cream maker plus inspired with Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Waffle Maker

Have fun with just making waffles with this Mickey-crafted waffle maker.

Mickey Cookie Jar

Put that cookies in to this Mickey cookie jar.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers. Which is Mickey and Minnie is obvious. 

This black and white mickey salt and pepper is a must have.

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Salt and pepper grinders with the body of Disney’s Mickey Mouse. To complete your own”disney kitchen”.

Mickey Trivet

Add class to your kitchen with this classic trivet. Plus to that classic Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Measuring Spoons

A fun way to cook or bake recipes using these Mickey-inspired measuring spoons.

Mickey Utensil Set

Serve your favorite dishes with these Mickey spoon and fork.

Mickey Bottle Stopper

For wine bottle enthusiasts, this might be a need. Cover a bottle using this Mickey bottle stopper.

Mickey Faucet

Bored with just plain faucet styles, live your sink up with this Mickey faucet.

Mickey Sink Stopper

Who would think making Mickey as a sink stopper. Playful brain!

Mickey Stools

These creative Mickey stools is awesome for your kitchen seats. A complete set of 5 or 6 would be perfect.

Mickey Wall Decors

This Mickey sticker is enlarged to brighten up the Disney feels in your kitchen.

This word mosaic sticker forming Mickey might suit well in your kitchen.

There you have it. Some of those existing and are available to be purchased kitchen items with Mickey and Minnie as inspirations. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on any sharing sites. They might thank you for sharing this with them. Keep updated with The Fair Kitchen for more kitchen ideas.

Be worry-free bringing your iPhones and tablets in the kitchen with these 7 Best iPhone Accessories and Tablet Holders!

I know how much you love your kitchen. I know how much time you spend in your kitchen by cooking, dining, making the dishes, bonding with family, etc. And with today’s higher technology, especially in cooking, people now mostly are making use of their smartphones and tablets to search for quick and easy recipes. But the problem is that your smartphones and tablets can’t stand on its own, much more of itself floating. It’s difficult to always hold your smartphones and tablets for long while cooking, you might accidentally put it on your pot or it may fall. Hassle it is! But hey, you don’t have to worry anymore with the hassle cooking. Thanks for the genius minds who invented these 7 Best iPhone Accessories and Tablet Holders You and Your Kitchen Need!

1. iSpoon and iFork Phone Holder

This weird and unique phone holders give you the giggle and want to own this. Am I right? Perfect kitchen item/iPhone holder. I hope you’re not thinking of using this in eating. Best iPhone accessories that can be displayed in the kitchen.

2. iSpoon Kitchen Stylus

Now, this is what I was talking about. A stylus for your tablet and a spoon to serve you with your soup and dishes. An adorable kitchen item. One of those best iPhone accessories that one should have.

3. Kitchen Mount Stand for 7-11 inch Tablets iPad Air/iPad Mini and All Tablets

No need to carry those tablets for too long while cooking now that this tablet holder is present. Enjoy your synchronized cooking with your virtual chef inside your tablet!

4. Kitchen Mount Stand for iPad Air/iPad mini and All Tablets

You’d love it seeing your tablet hanging without worrying that it will fall. This gentle yet perfectly clasping tablet holder is awesome. Search for the right proportions of the ingredients on your tablet while cooking without the hassle of holding on it.

5. Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Stand for iPad with Knife Storage

Wow. Just wow. This Tablet Stand with Knife Storage is a must-have kitchen item.  Just decide for a perfect place for it to settle, how about at the center of your kitchen island or table?

6. Universal Portable Rotated Mounting Phone Stand

A simple yet is the most convenient and fun phone stand. Whatever the form you’d like for the long movable neck, the best stand you’d love to bring whenever and wherever, especially in your kitchen.

7.  Suction-Mount Kitchen iPad Case

Afraid that your tablet will get splashed when your liquid flavorings get spilled? Or even get sprinkled while washing your ingredients? This suction-mount kitchen tablet case is for you. Own it and let it do your favors.

Having the need to own these accessories? Sure you really are. With the convenience that these accessories offer to your kitchen needs, I couldn’t agree more! These best iPhone accessories and tablet stands not only to make your kitchen living fancy and comfortable, they put us to the highest level of satisfaction. That’s what The Fair Kitchen is all about, to bring you and your kitchen to a tight relationship. TFK says, have a happier kitchen! Keep updated as we continue giving you more kitchen ideas and kitchen tips.

Have a creative kitchen with these 22 Salt and Pepper Grinders!

In every dish, seasoning is a need for tasting. Your salt, pepper, and spices always accompany you on your sides every time you dine in and even when you’re out at restaurants. They satisfy our taste buds, that’s already given. But how about satisfying your eyes? How? Check out for these 22 Creative Salt and Pepper Grinders To Own.

(1) Farberware Salt and Pepper Grinders

(2) Kamenstein Dual-Action Salt and Pepper Grinders

(3) Rachael Ray 2-Piece Orange Salt and Pepper Grinder

(4) William Bounds Mushroom Pepper Mill

(5) Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph

(6) Paprikum by Peter Toronyi

(7) Bottle Grinder by Menu

(8) Cherry Pepper Grinder

(9) Salt and Pepper Grinder in Rabbit Design

(10) Wind Grind Salt And Pepper Mill by Joseph Joseph

(11) No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill by Joseph Joseph

(12) The Peugeot Design Lab Salt and Pepper Grinders

(13) Spices Salt and Pepper Grinders

(14) Cell Salt and Pepper Grinders

(15) Koziol Miller Pepper Grinders

(16) Gravity Salt and Pepper Grinders

(17) Salt  & Pepper Cellar by Chakte Viga

(18) Bloomsbury Salt and Pepper Grinders

(19) Blackwood Pepper Grinder and Ivorine Salt Grinders

(20) Rocket Ship Salt and Pepper Grinders

(21) Salt and Pepper Grinder by Karim Rashid

(22) The Twist Salt & Pepper Grinder by Philip Bro Ludvigsen

These 22 salt and pepper grinders look classy and creative as well. Making your kitchen eye-catching by just adding these. They may seem small but their touch of art and luxe brightens the feels in your kitchen. Plus, your everyday dining will be more enjoyable and livable. Grind those salt&pepper and season them all the way! Have a happier kitchen!

Brighten your kitchen with these 20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items!

Kitchen items that can become your kitchen’s decorations. A wise and genius idea, right? Why spend more money on decorations when there are beautiful kitchen items out there that are just waiting for you to discover them. Look at these 20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items and tell me which is your favorite. Well, I’m not saying that you can’t like them all.

1. Shatter Tableware from Umbra


Sugar Container


Cup & Saucer

2. Bird Tableware

Salad Bowl & Server

3. Dino Ceramic Tableware

Fruit Bowl

4. Aldo Bakker Tablewares

Liquid Container

Liquid Container

Two-Sided Platter


5. Tableware by Rostislav Materka

Liquid Server

6. Slice Glass by Vasiliy Butentko

Liquid Container

7. Glass Milk Carton Tableware

Milk Container

8. Tonfisk Newton Milk and Sugar Set

Milk Container

9. Stands Tilted Tableware

Coffee Cups

10. Ceramic Animal Tableware by Geraldine De Beco for Bernardaud



11. On The Table Set by Pierre Lescop

Cups & Saucers

12. Phoenix Tableware

Cup & Saucer with Spoon

13. Gorgies Tableware

Table ware Set

14. Ocean-inspired Handmade by Mary O’Malley

Cup & Saucer

15. Tableware by Minale-Maeda

Liquid Containers

16. Chinese Inspired Tableware

Platter and Sauce Container with Chopsticks

17. Unique Cups by Sander Lorier

Drinking Glasses and Cups

18. Unique Tableware by John Clappison

Liquid Containers, Bowls, Food Server

19. Paper Boat Tableware

Platter, Bowl, Spoon and Mini Bowls

20. Horse Porcelain Tableware by Bodo Sporlein

(Up to down) Cover, Plate, Teapot, Platter, Pitcher, Saucer, Pot and Bowl

Unique as they are, still are very useful for your everyday kitchen needs. How about starting a piece or two of these kitchen items for a more alive and colorful ambience inside your own kitchen? Now, which became your favorite from these 20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items? Or you just loved them all! I’ve told you, that’s how The Fair Kitchen is all about. Keep yourself updated with more ideas and tips for your kitchen designs and needs!

Buying new kitchen decors are unnecessary. Why buy when you can transform old kitchen items from your grandmas or from your dusty attics. You only need to be creative, think of unusual figures from your stained spoons or forks, put holes and insert yarns or soft wires to your ancient casseroles, and alakazam, you have new kitchen decors. In the kitchen, we must also be resourceful. No need to throw your pre-loved kitchen items, love them more by repurposing them. More to read here