essential kitchen items


We don’t always like everything that we have. Some of them should have been beneficial to us but it’s just that, we didn’t let them be a part of our lives. Undeniably, there are people who don’t really like some of the vegetables. They avoid them. Didn’t dare to try them. But what they’re missing are the health benefits that these vegetables really provide us.

That’s why there are essential kitchen items that have been invented to help us in making vegetables be a portion of our meals. So, if you want to start a healthier living, owning these essential kitchen items will be a great solution.

Steamer Basket

Have your vegetables steamed with this steamer basket? Make sure that your having steamed vegetables prepared properly.


To prepare fine slices for your vegetables, you’ll need a good knife. This Zyliss Chef’s Knife does the work for you.

Cutting Board

Your knife will always need a cutting board. This OXO Good Grips Cutting Board is a great choice.

Mason Jars

It’s always convenient to have your vegetables stored in containers in which mason jars really are of great use. From your vegetable salads to pickles. Amazingly, there are more uses you can make with your mason jars. Check it here.

Non-stick Frying Pan

To cut calories and added fats, you may be needing a Non-stick Frying Pan such as this T-Fal Professional Non-stick Frying Pan. This way, you can start your way of a healthy kitchen.


A spatula will always be needed for your frying pan. And this OXO Good Grips Spatula is a wise choice.

Sprouting Jar

It’s always a nice tip to grow your own greens with sprouting jars. Choose fresh.

Mortar and Pestle

Create your own sauces with mashing things together with mortar and pestle. You can also make your own matcha tea with this. Who says with just mashing, you can get healthier.

Stock Pot

Make your healthy soups with your own stock pots. You can even use them to soak and cook your beans. Consider this T-fal Non-stick Stock Pot.


Make smoothies with foods you haven’t tried a taste with. You can also make your own homemade sauces. Just when you have decided to start a healthy living, you can always lean on with blenders. Choose this Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.

Tea Pitcher

Haven’t tried teas? You should start making them your favorite beverage because of the countless benefits they can give you. But its bitterness might have kept you from holding back. But know that they are less bitter when cold-brewed, then have this tea pitcher.


How do you find it making your own chips? Vegetable chips such as your kale. Use dehydrator such as this Nesco Food Dehydrator! They save you a lot of money and what’s important is that this makes snacking healthy, cheap, and easy.

Wooden Spoon

Your wooden spoons can be your favorite pal in mixing beverages, cooking sauces, and soups. What’s nice with this Roundsquare Wooden Spoon is that it’s not hard to clean.

Fresh Herbs

When you like everything that you cook taste and smell better? Put fresh herbs always. They can make your whole kitchen smell good too. That smells a healthy living!

Having a hard time to get things started? I know. With things you are not used to, it’s inevitably hard. Just a piece of advice, make things occur one at a time. Start with eating your favorite healthy foods, and add those you haven’t tried once by little amounts until you could tolerate having them in your eating habits. With the help of the essential kitchen items mentioned above, you’re on the right track. Get a healthier living with the mentioned 14 essential kitchen items!