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Table Setting Etiquette: How To Use Knife and Fork Properly (The Fair Kitchen Tips)

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You think you are confident using your knife and fork while dining? Is it proper?

The usage of the knife and fork also follow proper etiquette. This is being observed in every restaurant you usually visit. You may think that what you’ve done in using those knife and fork is right but if you are going to refer to these following tips on how to use your knife and fork properly, you may have possibly been wrong all along. The next time that you’ll gather your family and friends for occasions, you’ll not worry whether they have noticed the way you’ve been using those knife and fork. The exciting part is that you can correct those restaurants that must have missed these simple tips. What are you waiting for?

1. Fork on the left side and knife on the right side of the plate.

2. Two forks? Salad fork on the outer (smaller) and Main dish fork on the inner (bigger).

3. Hold the knife with your right hand. Put force in your index finger as you cut your solid food.

4. Hold the fork with your left hand with the pointed prongs away from you.

5. Point your index fingers towards your plate, means bending your wrists with elbows relaxed.

6. Put smaller bits of food into your mouth using your fork.

Now that you’ve read this article Table Setting Etiquette: How To Use Knife and Fork Properly (The Fair Kitchen Tips),  you are now set to eat out in any restaurant without embarrassing yourself or being corrected with your cousins when having reunion dinner at home. Keep posted as we’ll be posting how to set up the table properly, patterns of knife and fork when you pause eating, finished eating or even disliked what you’ve eaten, and easy pasta recipes only here at The Fair Kitchen.

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