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Mason Jar Crafts as Kitchen Utensils (The Fair Kitchen Ideas)

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Own these mason jar crafts for your kitchen!

Have you felt that feeling of getting thrilled to have items which you only bumped upon by accident? Did you? WOW! Did it felt great right? And everyone would agree with you. And one that thrills us- kitchen enthusiasts- are those items that are absolutely creative and are innovative in such a way that we can make use of them in many different ways. Yes, I’m talking about these versatile MASON JARS!

Mason jars gained its popularity because of its class, elegance, and uses. And in this article, you’ll be able to find mason jar crafts used in different ways as an all-around kitchen utensil. It may surprise you for you can now absolutely find mason jars on every corner of your kitchen.

These are the following uses one can make out of Mason Jars.


Measuring Spoons

This is quite a kitchen enthusiast is looking for- specifically those who love spoons. Perfect for collection and definitely is usable in baking measuring those powders and syrups during baking.

Measuring Cups

This is too cute and really saves some space in your cabinets for cups. Made of ceramic which makes it elegant and glossy. Still perfect to use when measuring the amount of water, syrups or powders to be used while doing the baking.

Baking Dish

Absolutely safe when used in baking muffins, mini-cakes, tarts, etc. Remember to let it cool first after baking, it’s still too hot to handle.

Pie Holder

How do you like your pies? Mini-sized or larger sizes? What trends at this moment are those mini pies made using mini mason jars. Try it at home.

Food Preparing and Preserving

Mason Jar Salad

I’m surprised for mason jar salads are gaining popularity today! Many are looking for mason jar salad recipes and I can’t wait to share recipes of it with you so better to always keep updated with us!

Container for Food Preserving

Ever since food preservation has been done by the majority. And mason jars are definitely one of those most used containers for it.

Jelly Jars

Jellies in mason jars. Wow. Well, if you are fond of making jellies, then you’re definitely using mason jars most of the time.

Candy Container

Separate your lots of candies with mason jars. Perfect for kiddie parties and sleepovers with friends.

Cookie Jar

Put your cookies inside mason jars and you can then simply eat and take them out one by one. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Dessert Server

These versatile mason jars, specifically those that are mini-sized are perfect for your desserts to be served with. At least, you are able to control the number of desserts you are serving to your guests.

Spice Container

Put your favorite spices in mason jars and organize it on an open rack. Your guests would love to always stare at them. And I’m definitely one of ‘em!


Salt & Pepper Shakers

Have your salt and pepper contained in these mason jar shakers! Enjoy that shik shik sound.

Sugar Shaker

Perfect for confectioneries and sugars used in baking or cooking dishes.

Cocktail Shaker

How do you like that cocktail mason jar shaker?

Liquid Dispenser

Drink Dispenser

Mason jars can be large at sizes and this drink dispenser is absolutely one of ‘em! Perfect for parties and celebrations where you’ll be needing a large drink container for guests that are large in numbers.

Soap Dispenser

Easily spurt your liquid soaps when you are to use it in doing dishes or taking baths.



Kids would love to have these mason jar tumblers and I’ve observed many food stalls that are using mason jars to serve their drinks that they are selling.


One of those great uses for mason jars, mugs! Commonly used by many.



Place your cutleries with this that’d be perfect near your dining table or sinks where you and your guests can directly locate them when needed.

Cupcake Liner Storage

 Does your cupcake liners scattered everywhere in your cabinet? That’s a big mess! Better make use of your mason jars and put in every cupcake liners you have there. And whenever you’ll be needing those cupcake liners, know that they are always inside your mason jars.

Kitchen Decor

Air Freshener

Some air fresheners are definitely expensive, and its container is a part of what you’re paying for.  What about make a customized air freshener where you’ll just be needing your favorite subjects that produce a good-smelling scent and mason jars?

Light Fixture

One innovative way of using mason jars is by making it into light fixtures. Fed up with just plain fluorescents and bulbs, better have one like this!

Chandelier-type Light Fixture

Add class and elegance in your kitchen by availing this chandelier-type light fixture that mainly uses mason jars.

Kitchen Vase

Have you ever thought of using clear bottles or even your drinking glasses as kitchen vases? Then you might also have thought of using mason jars? That’d be an awesome idea, right?

Mini Garden Terrarium

Mini Beach Terrarium

Look how adorable these mini garden and mini beach terrariums? I can’t even stop myself staring from it forever! This is just a great idea to make use of mason jars. Top mason jar crafts!

Other Kitchen Items

Spoon Rest

This is very new to me. Have you ever owned one like this? Perfect for formal dinners or family reunions.

Cutting Board

This customizable cutting board with mason jar print is perfect for the collection. This can even be a perfect gift for newly-wed couples or wedding anniversaries. But it still depends on what you prefer to be printed on it for it can be personalized.

I know you got more interested in mason jars. I said it cause I was having the same feeling while I was just drafting this article. Now, tell me what can you definitely say about these mason jar crafts? Aren’t they perfect for kitchen purposes and display? I couldn’t agree more! Keep posted here on The Fair Kitchen.

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