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Kitchen Essentials: Coolest and Best Kitchen Gadgets

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On this year 2015, technology is still progressing. Specifically in the field of kitchens. Coolest gadgets for your kitchen has been created for life’s convenience and comfort. With this article, Kitchen Essentials: Coolest and Best Kitchen Gadgets, give yourselves a taste of how these so-called new gadgets work in your own loved kitchens.

Living in this more advanced world requires you to see the trends- might be about the coolest and best kitchen gadgets in the field of kitchens. Trends that are obviously useful that’s why they are being on demand. Well, they are not that hard to look for because they are only around the internet. That’s why they trend.

Talking about kitchen gadgets, there are already a lot of them that’s only waiting for you to discover them. Now, you don’t have to find them anymore cause we have readily prepared them for you. Below are the coolest gadgets that you might eagerly want to have in your kitchen.

1. “Scissor your herbs”

This cool gadget- Jenaluca Herb Scissors Stainless Steel has five fine sharp stainless steel blades that give you a flawless quick work on snipping your herbs. Farewell to chopping and boring mincing.

2. “Do all your liquids here”

This cool gadget- Cuisinart SBC-1000 Blend-and-Cook Soup Maker lets you make hot soup, blend smoothies, crush ice, and much more.

3. “I don’t have to deal with your eyes no more”

This cool gadget- Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer peel your pineapple with just twisting. Great because you don’t have to prick those many eyes anymore.

4. “Slice ‘em all”

This cool gadget- Onion, Vegetable, Fruit, and Cheese Chopper with Mandoline Slicer and Storage Lid lets you slice things the easiest way. No knife nor chopping board needed, just this.

5. “Faster than The Flash Peeler”

This cool gadget- Rapid Peeler (3X Blade) quickly sheds off the skins of your apples, potatoes, zucchinis, mangoes, kiwis, and the likes. Your wrists are safe now.

6. “Vegetable Spaghetti”

This cool gadget- Vegetable Spiralizer Spiral Slicer turns your vegetables into thin pasta. Who said vegetables can’t be slurped?

7. “Even Fries”

This cool gadget- WalterDrake Easy Press French Fry Cutter evens your fries sizes. Don’t need your knives and chopping boards anymore, just pressing will do.

8. “Fill this with Water and let it Filter”

This cool gadget- Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher is designed to reduce the chlorine taste and odor, copper, zinc taste, mercury, and cadmium that are often found in tap water. By filtering them, this gives safer water to drink.

9. “Slice that Cake”

This cool gadget- Layer Cake Slicing Kit lets you slice your cake by layer easily.

10. “Take that Mango seed off”

This cool gadget- OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter removes your mango seed with just a single press.

11. “All I want are your kernels”

This cool gadget- RSVP Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper strips your kernels from the corn’s stalk. Designed for safety and efficiency, what else are you looking for?

12. “Fuse Me”

This cool gadget- Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher lets you enjoy a more natural beverage. Just fill the removable hollow rod with any of your favorite fruits, savories, herbs, and citrus wedges. The open slots in rod allow your liquid to combine with the contents you put on the rod. Enjoy living life naturally with this kitchen gadget.

These are just The Fair Kitchen’s coolest and best gadget picks for you. No doubt that this kitchen stuff offers a more convenient and easy life. These best kitchen gadgets are evidence of this world’s advanced technology and human intelligence. If you liked what you have read in this article Kitchen Essentials: Coolest and Best Kitchen Gadgets, share this with your loved ones and friends who love their kitchen. Keep posted here on The Fair Kitchen.

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