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Disney Kitchen: Mickey and Minnie In Your Kitchen (The Fair Kitchen Ideas)

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Been a Mickey and Minnie fan ever since? Grab these!

It’s overwhelming when you have something that resembles your favorite friend, your favorite pet, your favorite family member, or anything that will make you remember that person or thing. Great that even kitchen items satisfy this concern. Take this as one of those kitchen ideas you’ve read from the internet, magazines, or newspapers. It’s more interesting because your favorite Mickey and Minnie are merged into kitchen items. Take a look at this list of kitchen items that’ll make your kitchen tagged as a “Disney Kitchen”.

Mickey and Minnie Mug Set

This red and white Mickey and Minnie mug set is perfect for couples. This can also be used for display in your kitchen.

Mickey Coffee Mug and Warmer

Mickey-inspired coffee mug with warmer. Hassle-free from using heater.

Mickey Ceramic Mug with Spoon

This creative mickey ceramic coffee mug can be your every morning buddy or for display in your kitchen.

Mickey Tea Pot

How do like that tea pot with Mickey’s obvious pants? Like!

Mickey Ice Cream Maker

Convenient ice cream maker plus inspired with Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Waffle Maker

Have fun with just making waffles with this Mickey-crafted waffle maker.

Mickey Cookie Jar

Put that cookies in to this Mickey cookie jar.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers. Which is Mickey and Minnie is obvious. 

This black and white mickey salt and pepper is a must have.

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Salt and pepper grinders with the body of Disney’s Mickey Mouse. To complete your own”disney kitchen”.

Mickey Trivet

Add class to your kitchen with this classic trivet. Plus to that classic Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Measuring Spoons

A fun way to cook or bake recipes using these Mickey-inspired measuring spoons.

Mickey Utensil Set

Serve your favorite dishes with these Mickey spoon and fork.

Mickey Bottle Stopper

For wine bottle enthusiasts, this might be a need. Cover a bottle using this Mickey bottle stopper.

Mickey Faucet

Bored with just plain faucet styles, live your sink up with this Mickey faucet.

Mickey Sink Stopper

Who would think making Mickey as a sink stopper. Playful brain!

Mickey Stools

These creative Mickey stools is awesome for your kitchen seats. A complete set of 5 or 6 would be perfect.

Mickey Wall Decors

This Mickey sticker is enlarged to brighten up the Disney feels in your kitchen.

This word mosaic sticker forming Mickey might suit well in your kitchen.

There you have it. Some of those existing and are available to be purchased kitchen items with Mickey and Minnie as inspirations. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on any sharing sites. They might thank you for sharing this with them. Keep updated with The Fair Kitchen for more kitchen ideas.

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