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It wasn’t supposed to have this article entitled 9 Common Kitchen Tips You Might Not Have Known, but don’t get confused cause this is just simply an irony. Not everyone knows what we call as “commonly known”. Better to say that for those who knew about these, then this is just a recap. But for those who are clueless about these, then this article is for you.

They might say that the kitchen is just a part of a house, but the kitchen itself is already a big world. There’s a lot to consider and to take care of. Let me take you first to some of the tips to learn while you’re in your kitchen.

Common Kitchen Tips

1.Organize your kitchen, make use of tupperwares.

If your kitchen can just talk, reminding you not to make her messy might what you’re hearing every day. I tell you, it’s not that hard to put your kitchen stuff together. Make use of your tupperwares. From small to large sizes, everything you have there in your kitchen will fit in.

2. Don’t let your herbs to dry up, they supposed to be always green.

With today’s kitchen innovations, keeping your herbs’ still fresh is a worry no more. With Prepara Herb Savor, your herbs won’t wilt. You may prefer to purchase dry herbs but fresh herbs are still more flavorful.

Prepara Herb-Savor

3. You need tongs to cook everything just right

Your spatulas work with anything that needs to be flipped or scraped like your pancakes and eggs but tongs work more nimble and less awkward to use. Fewer things will likely jump off from your pan. Just be careful and look for nylon tipped tongs.

Amco Tongs 
Elevate Tongs 
GSI Outdoors Pivot Tongs

4. Don’t do overcooking.

If you prefer cooking evenly, then consider heat conduction. Clad cookwares define this, thus leaving you no worries with overcooking. You know, overcooked foods are bad foods.

Clad Cookware Set

5. Have a pair of cutting boards or more.

Cutting boards are mainly used in mincing onions, garlic, and other spices. How about slicing your loaves of bread, thinning your cheese, etc? We don’t like them flavored with these spices right? Then have separate cutting boards to avoid this. This index cutting board is a genius one.

Index Cutting Board
Pie Slice Cutting Board
Puzzle Cutting Boards
Cut & Paste Cutting Board

6. Own a knife? Set aside your garlic presses.

You might wonder where on your cooking takes a lot of your time, then it might be about you peeling and pressing your garlic on a garlic press. Instead, just use your knife, set your clove of garlic on a cutting board, and smash it with either of the flat sides of your knife. The garlic’s skin will come right off from its flesh, then mince it with quick ten seconds. There, so simple than your garlic press.

Japan-made Large Kitchen Knife

7. Shallots and Leeks instead of regular big onions

Milder onions effortlessly enhance your everyday dishes. You can have your big onions with soups, roasts, etc but most kitchen trials will be improved by more gentle and subtle onion flavor.


8. Don’t store you fruits in the fridge.

When you planned to eat your fruits soon, you don’t have to leave them inside your fridge. The fridge will just dull the taste of your fruits. Same with those things that don’t really have to be stored inside the fridge, leave them out. Unless the climates too hot, maybe that’s the considered time.

If it’s not needed to store it in a fridge, leave it out.

9. “Sprinkle some salt, pour a bit of vinegar or olive oil”

When working on the kitchen, lack of taste in what you are cooking is unavoidable. So don’t get easily panicked. Maybe it just needs salt if it’s flavor is still off, a drop of vinegar or lemon if you want to brighten, or olive oil if it lacks liquid. just these three can fix your dish problems.

Olive Oil

This list of common kitchen tips got more common now that you’ve read this article 9 Common Kitchen Tips You Might Not Have Known. Some others say that these can be done with initiative but for some who are busier outside the kitchen, this list means a lot to them. From the dos and dont’s to have these and don’t have those, there’s still a lot to be tackled about the kitchen. Keep updated for more of The Fair Kitchen Tips.

9 Common Kitchen Tips You Might Not Have Known (The Fair Kitchen Tips)

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