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20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items – The Fair Kitchen

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Brighten your kitchen with these 20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items!

Kitchen items that can become your kitchen’s decorations. A wise and genius idea, right? Why spend more money on decorations when there are beautiful kitchen items out there that are just waiting for you to discover them. Look at these 20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items and tell me which is your favorite. Well, I’m not saying that you can’t like them all.

1. Shatter Tableware from Umbra


Sugar Container


Cup & Saucer

2. Bird Tableware

Salad Bowl & Server

3. Dino Ceramic Tableware

Fruit Bowl

4. Aldo Bakker Tablewares

Liquid Container

Liquid Container

Two-Sided Platter


5. Tableware by Rostislav Materka

Liquid Server

6. Slice Glass by Vasiliy Butentko

Liquid Container

7. Glass Milk Carton Tableware

Milk Container

8. Tonfisk Newton Milk and Sugar Set

Milk Container

9. Stands Tilted Tableware

Coffee Cups

10. Ceramic Animal Tableware by Geraldine De Beco for Bernardaud



11. On The Table Set by Pierre Lescop

Cups & Saucers

12. Phoenix Tableware

Cup & Saucer with Spoon

13. Gorgies Tableware

Table ware Set

14. Ocean-inspired Handmade by Mary O’Malley

Cup & Saucer

15. Tableware by Minale-Maeda

Liquid Containers

16. Chinese Inspired Tableware

Platter and Sauce Container with Chopsticks

17. Unique Cups by Sander Lorier

Drinking Glasses and Cups

18. Unique Tableware by John Clappison

Liquid Containers, Bowls, Food Server

19. Paper Boat Tableware

Platter, Bowl, Spoon and Mini Bowls

20. Horse Porcelain Tableware by Bodo Sporlein

(Up to down) Cover, Plate, Teapot, Platter, Pitcher, Saucer, Pot and Bowl

Unique as they are, still are very useful for your everyday kitchen needs. How about starting a piece or two of these kitchen items for a more alive and colorful ambience inside your own kitchen? Now, which became your favorite from these 20 Must-Have Unique Tableware Items? Or you just loved them all! I’ve told you, that’s how The Fair Kitchen is all about. Keep yourself updated with more ideas and tips for your kitchen designs and needs!

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