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18 Kitchen Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen (The Fair Kitchen Tips)

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Know how to organize your kitchen like a pro. Save the tips!

One of the kitchen problems that every person deals with his/her own kitchen is a neat organization. Yes, you heard it right. Neat organization of your kitchen items and tools. This is one of the factors that affect the total appearance and feels of a kitchen. This is difficult mostly when a person has just started building his/her own kitchen, and even those whose kitchen is growing. Now, you don’t have to worry. Let The Fair Kitchen teach you some kitchen tips on how to organize your own kitchen. These are just easy to consider so save everything.

1. Determine your Cooking place

It’s greatly important that you are able to locate where is your “Cooking Zone”. Think deep about where to settle cooking. With this, you are now set to go through these following kitchen tips.

2. Place your most used tools near your cooking area

This is really necessary to avoid the hassle. It’s convenient when you can just easily reach your tools while doing the cooking. You can also consider built-in drawers near your cooking stoves and contain there your tools.

3. Display your ready to use cutlery in mugs or small sized pitchers

 This is one of ‘em clever kitchen tips. In self-service dining, this is a need that visitors can easily sight their chosen cutlery. You are also adding a new user to your mugs or small pitchers that are always available in your kitchen.

4. Put like items together

 This is what organizing is, to put together the alike items. This also saves spaces and elevates neatness in your kitchen. Plates with plates, glasses to glasses, bowls to bowls, pans to pans, and more.

5.  Place Items in terms of their usage

 When you are able to arrange your kitchen items by their use, it conserves your time when you are looking for anything you want to use. How’d you like that?

6.  Own shelf organizers

 These organizers help you a lot with displaying the kitchen items that you mostly use, like every day.

 This shelf organizer helps you with its simplicity. It is effective when put on your kitchen corners or under/inside cabinets.

7. Have drawers divided to separate cutlery and utensils

 Sometimes, others just freely mix their spoons and forks. Well, that’s a lot of work! It’s really nice when having these kinds of drawers with divisions, so you can just easily pick any cutlery. It’s better to organize your cutlery with this.

8. Order your plastic containers in a designated drawer

Practice organizing your plastic containers in a single or more drawer that you can just easily recall where you can locate them. Do this if you want to organize your kitchen.

9. How about see through containers?

 This will let you solve your problem by looking so hard for food or anything you need in urgency. See-through containers are of great help so your family members won’t keep on asking where you’ve contained their favorite food.

10. Locate pantry just over-the-door

 When you prefer to see your kitchen items in an instant after entering your kitchen, consider over-the-door pantries. This is perfect for those small kitchens and minimalist kitchens. It conserves space and even time locating an item.

11. Have a space for your cookbook collection

 See that rack of cookbooks overlooking your kitchen sink? That is convenient. Since cookbooks are really for the kitchen use, why not just settle it inside the kitchen by considering a built-in rack.

 To add convenience to your cooking work, let this cookbook holder take hold to your book of recipes. A built-in light helps you to read clearly the ingredients and procedures on the recipe you are making.

12. Put your pot covers and lids on a rack

 This simple lid rack helps you that much on locating your bowl and pot lids. This way, your cookware won’t be away with their lids, let them be together.

13. Add color coding in your kitchenware

 You’re not just organizing your sets of kitchenware, you are also allowing art and neatness in your kitchen. Whenever the same colored items are put together, they look good, right? Start organizing them up!

14. Group foods categorically

 One effective way to just easily scan your foods from the other is to organize them by category. This way, you can conserve spaces allowing more of your foods that can fit in your container.

15. Make use of baskets perfect for open cabinets

 This is perfect for open kitchen cabinets. This also adds a country’s taste. A way to just easily organize and locate your solid foods or containers.

16. Use rolling cart for easy transport of heavy dishes and cookwares

 When serving heavy dishes to the dining table, it might be a lot of effort. And when transferring heavy cookware around the kitchen, it might also need great effort. One should consider rolling carts. Can be used as an open shelf, actually a moving shelf. Awesome!

17. Contain your spillable food items in an easy-clean container

 This is much useful when unpacking spillable foods. Some are made with clear glass or plastic so that they can be easily determined which contains which. Some are also colored that’s why some put name tags on lids or side surfaces.

18. Refer hanging

 When your kitchen allows, start hanging some of your pans, pots, ladles, and more. This way, you can also conserve spaces inside your kitchen. Shall we say a literal “kitchen chandelier”?

Now, there you have it. Counting from 1 to 18 kitchen tips on how to organize your kitchen. Have you noted them down? Now’s the perfect time to do it. Once you’ve done these, ping us up and tell us how these 18 kitchen tips have helped you organize your kitchen. We’d be glad to know your experience in organizing your kitchen. All that we are aiming for is to let you have a happier kitchen. Hey, share this with your friends on Facebook and let them know this good news.

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