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12 Kitchen Tips and Tricks on How To Organize Your Fridge (The Fair Kitchen Tips)

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How to organize your fridge? Learn these how-to’s!

One of the biggest appliances that every house’s kitchen has is the refrigerator or simply, fridge. This appliance offers convenience in storing foods, keeping them cold and even preserving them, making specific foods’ life prolong. There may have been smaller fridges everywhere these days but commonly, the majority prefer the enormous ones that can store lots and lots of different foods. And with that fact, organizing the insides and even its outsides can become any fridge owner’s problem. Definitely, one should think of ways to make their own fridge clean, neat, and organized. Who would want their own fridges messy, inside and out?

Your fridge may become a big problem if you don’t practice organizing it. What if a visitor comes and gets to see your messy fridge? What if your fridge gets overcrowded, with the old and new items scrambled around your fridge storage and freezer? You must take action to these circumstances. Maybe then, you should follow these following kitchen tips and tricks on how to organize your fridge.

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #1: Purge foods past their prime weekly, avoiding an overcrowded fridge.

An overcrowded fridge is one of the worst problems a kitchen can have. A problem caused by not organizing a fridge effectively. But it’s not that difficult to solve this problem. One just needs to purge foods, especially those that are already past their prime. Wilt leafy vegetables and fruits, expired spices and sauces, foods that smell awful and have already molds, and others that can no longer be eaten. Sounds disgusting, right? It’s like, how could you store these foods that you can no longer make use of? Do purging weekly to see a better result.

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #2: Every time you put leftovers in your fridge, write them down on a list.

Whenever we have leftovers after meals, we directly put them into the fridge because practically, we don’t want to waste food. But sometimes, we forget that we still have “leftovers” in the fridge until they are no longer edible. One tip for this is to write the names or whatever you call your leftovers on a list, maybe a sticky note or just plain paper and have it pinned by a magnet on your fridge door’s surface. This really works since you are able to always see it whenever you are to face your fridge, reminding you of the “leftovers” you left inside the fridge. Convenient, right? 

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #3: Place a drinking glass near your refrigerator for easy access when drinking.

One of the items we store inside fridges is a pitcher filled with water. Because we prefer cold water during hot days and after workout and meals and before going to sleep. But are you having the hassle of getting your drinking glass near the sink and then walk more steps until you can reach the fridge? How about putting your drinking glass near your fridge? At least, you can reach your drinking glass as you face the fridge getting the water pitcher.

How to Organize Your Fridge  Kitchen Tip #4: Decide refrigerator shelves for specific kinds of food.

If you are totally serious at organizing your fridge, you would definitely deal with organizing items you’ve placed in your fridge’s storage compartments. One step for this is to decide the shelves what specific kinds of food you shall place on them. Through this, you are able to memorize the items you have in your fridge making it less hassle because you can instantly sight where you’ve placed the item you’ve been looking for. 

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #5: Have sectioned magnetic sorter boxes to hang coupons, bills, papers, and even pens.

If you have practiced pinning your bills, notes, coupons and other papers on your fridge’s door, have you noticed that it looks a bit messy? But there’s a solution to this. Own a sectioned magnetic sorter box where you can hang your important papers, organized and neat. 

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #6: Write on a sticky note set of foods to prepare for a week and pin on your fridge.

Write down on a note what your family loves to have for meals in a week. This is convenient because you are no longer taking time on what to cook when that day comes. At least you already have an idea what to cook and definitely, your family will love what you’ve cooked since it’s what the whole family has decided to have as a meal. Then, pin your note on your sectioned magnetic sorter box.

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #7: On your fridge’s freezer, group similar foods together.

A freezer is just small in space, with only a few items to be occupied inside. But still is essential, when preserving items such as items that are bought from the wet market. And in order for many items to be placed inside, grouping similar foods together is a great help.

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #8: When putting foods in the freezer, rotate the old ones to the front with new ones on the back.

This is definitely necessary. Rotating the old ones shown at the front while the new ones placed at the back. The purpose of this is to be able to make use of the old ones first and not wasting it when it passed its prime. I know, it’s better to avail of the freshest items but practically, we don’t want to waste food.

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #9: Utilize the built-in organizational features of your fridge.

Make use of all the built-in organizational features of your fridge. Utilizing them all may help you in organizing your fridge excellently. Place larger items on big storage corners with smaller items on narrower corners. You may then refer to tip #4, deciding the fridge shelves what specific foods to place on them. 

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #10: Place condiments reachable on racks inside your fridge door.

Fridge doors have built-in features that enable you to put smaller canisters, bottles, and even your condiments. These are racks that are commonly placed at the bottom or near the center of your fridge door. With this, you can then just simply pick your favorite condiments, easily accessed. 

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #11: Label your fridge shelves and organize the foods you placed in it.

Labeling your fridge shelves may help you on finding the item you’re looking for in urgency. It depends on you what names you’ll be labeling them since you own your fridge, having yourself managing it. This could help all of your family members to easily sight the item they want from your family’s fridge.

How to Organize Your Fridge Kitchen Tip #12: Clean your fridge at least 3 times in a month so that food odors won’t get stuck inside.

Cleaning your fridge thrice in a month is not that hard. This is for your fridge’s own good. To help maintain it’s health, beauty, and elegance. The fridge does needs hygiene too so better remove those food stains and spilled sauces on your fridge’s inside, or they will spoil your fridge with a foul odor. This then may affect all of the items you’ve placed inside your kitchen. You can also refer here with Tip #6 that talks about how to clean your fridge effectively.

These fridge organizing tips are easy but you need to practice them for better results. Now, do you find these difficult to do? Which of the mentioned kitchen tips had you in doubt? Bet none because these really work when made into a habit. Go on and keep your fridge organized. But remember, the kitchen is a big world so whenever you have finished organizing your fridge, other parts of your kitchen need to be organized too. Organizing your fridge is just one of the things you’ll need to have an organized kitchen. If you liked what you have read in this article 12 Kitchen Tips and Tricks on How To Organize Your Fridge (The Fair Kitchen Tips), share this with your loved ones and friends who love their kitchen. Keep posted here on The Fair Kitchen.

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